D130C semi-automatic taco cutter


The D130C semi-automatic taco cutter is an economical machine designed for cutting wooden dowels and slats quickly and easily, using a circular disc and from longer slats.

It is designed for the pallet industry and it is perfect for making use of old pallets because as well as blocks, it can also cut the ends of the lead boards, so wooden strips with splintered or broken ends can be reused and form smaller pallets.

The machine has a roller to make it easy to roll the wood into the machine, some clamps next to the round cutting disc to hold the wood in place while it is being cut and a sensor that activates the disc when the wood is detected. You can access the cutting disc by opening the access door once the machine has stopped.

It also has easy access to facilitate maintenance tasks. Also, it is easy to adjust the desired size of the piece of wood via a telescopic tube. The machine has been certified by an external validation body, so it includes all the necessary safety measures.

The cutter has the following work features

  1. Place the strip of wood onto the material input tray.
  2. Push the strip of wood to the buffer stop manually.
  3. It automatically lifts the cutting disc to cut the strip of wood.
  4. The blocks or lead boards fall into a box or crate. There are different options depending on the customer’s demands.

* The photos can vary depending on availability and new designs.


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Technical details

Weight: 400Kg
Maximum cutting section: 150 x 125 mm
Dimensions: Dimensions 1550 x 1700 x 1000 mm
Minimum cutting section: 60 x 60 mm
Voltage supply: 230V or 390V
Saw diametre: 400 mm
Work stations: 1 operator
It cuts boards and lead boards: Cut of board packs comfortably
Power: 3Kw
Production: Depending on the operator, 30 to 40 cuts / minute