3 axis milling machine B130G



  • 3-axis milling machine. -Console Control.
  • Included:
  • Chuck Refrigeration pump.
  • Fixing flange Kit part in table.
  • Control console with USB.


  • CAM Software.
  • CAD Software.
  • 4th Axle.
  • Training.
  • Chip aspiration System.
  • Full PC.
  • Tweezer Kit.
  • Latest technologies in design and manufacturing.
Milling machine-CNC-K09G

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Technical details

Chuck: ER11-1.5 kW-24000 RPM-Liquid Cooling
Work stations: 1
Guidance:High-precision linear ball skid guides
Maximum forward speed: 10 metres/minute
Mechanical Transmission: Transmission axes XYZ spindle precision Balls
Maximum moving speed when empty: 15 metres/minute
Structure: Structure made of steel
Noise level without dust extraction: < 70 db (A)
Total Power consumed: 2 kw
Dimensions: 1200 x 950 x 1370mm.
Power Supply: 230Vac-50hz
Weight: 100 kgs
Transmission engines: Stepper Motors on all axles
Useful Machining Volume: X900mm x Y600mm x Z200mm
Work table: wooden table with fixing (other options)
Software: NOT including the CAM license

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