Skid Nailer D601A


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The Bottom Deckboard Nailer is a machine which is designed to put four way entry pallets together. his nailer has a lead board loader and three or four block loaders, depending on the option you choose. The pieces of cut wood are placed on these loaders to put the bottom deckboard, the lead board and block in line.

The machine takes each piece of wood automatically, and by demand, via a trolley, while the trolley moves towards the nail guns, these join the pieces of wood together using a nail coil. Incorpora sensores en los cargadores para detener la máquina en el caso de quedar sin madera.

It also has a mechanical system that shoots the nails into the block diagonally so that the join is stronger. It is made of structural steel, giving it great sturdiness which assures the machine will last for many years. It also includes an automatic speed controller which provides the trolley with smooth movement. It has the necessary safety measures for the operator to work in a safe way and in accordance with safety rules.


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Made in Spain - Alòs Industrials

Technical details

Ready for assembling and operation Easy assembling

Structure: Structural steel with great sturdiness
Skid measures: 800 – 1200mm
Weight: 800Kg