D200A Manual Nailing Table


It is a workbench for nailing 2 and 4 way entry pallets.

Its clamps, which are positioned for the lead board, make it easy to put the pallet together.

It has two sets of clamps, one for the top deck and one for the bottom deck of the pallet.

It also includes riveters for 4 way entry pallets. It can be adapted to different sizes, within its own limitations, via a crank that opens and closes the mould.

The operator nails the bottom deckboard on the workbench, he turns it over to put it in a designated place. Later, he puts the pieces of cut wood for the top of the pallet together in order to nail it down.

Finally, the operator extracts the pallet from the mould to stack it. As an optional accessory, it also has an automatic stacker.

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