Semi-automatic nailing line D201A


Two-input pallet nailing station made up of:

- A nailer with two chargers for top and bottom lead board. A four-bar charger To manufacture a pallet up to 120x120 cm

- An output section with two marks.

- A square.

- A pallet stacker.

- A 5 metre motorised output transporter


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Made in Spain

Technical details

Technical Support - Continued, in Spanish and English

Pallet measurements: 800 x 800mm to 1300 x 1300mm
Table rotation: Automatic
Output transporter: 4 pallets
Pallet input: For two to four-entry pallets
Composition: Nailing workbench, stacker, output transporter
Possibilities: Adding riveting machines or stampers and corner cutters.
Conveyors: Rolling pins
Wood clamping: Through pneumatic cylinders
Support: Unlimited