Thermal marker D300A


This tool is used for marking phytosanitary certifications, corporate images and hallmarks, EUR, EPAL, etc.

It is ideal for short and medium productions.



Technical details

Stamping temperature: between 350 – 600 ºC
Weight: 1.5 Kg without the temperature regulator
A wide variety of stamps : Ask for specific stamps which are not mentioned
Power: 630 W or 1000 W
Work stations: 1
Supply voltage: 230 v
Output: 10 to 20 stamps per minute, depending on the operator

Thermal stampers

We have two main models of thermal stampers Both stampers are compatible together with all the kinds and sizes of brands we have. Both stampers are of the same quality

This is the most complete piece of equipment. It has two adjustable handles: one to adjust it to right-handed or left-handed people and another one in order to hold it in a vertical position. Wooden handles insulate the high temperatures that this piece of equipment reaches. It also has an electronic controller to adjust the temperature.
This is the most efficient and quickest stamper, so it is highly recommended for longer stamping sessions, cold environments and also for stamping surfaces where temperatures should not exceed certain limits, such as leather and plastic. Its connecting wire is stretch-proof and the stamper can endure the toughest conditions, it is also impact resistant. The equipment is provided in a plastic case

This is the basic stamper, it has a rubber handle that prevents it from reaching high temperatures and works connecting it to a power supply.
As it does not have a regulator, the temperature it can reach is inferior to the digital stamper, so this stamper is recommended for small and medium stamping sessions. It has small legs to facilitate its support while not being used.

  • The wires are especially manufactured to handle stretching in the case of the digital stamper and to bear high temperatures in the case of the analogical stamper.
  • It has a practical terminal where electronic connections are protected.
  • It has special handles to insulate against high temperatures.
  • Any stamp or mark is compatible with any stamper. Maximum compatibility
  • The digital controllerhas a factory default setting, especially designed to be able to obtain the best temperature performance.

Remarkable features that distinguish us from our competitors:

Both stampers include thermal transfer blocks sized accordingly, manufactured with our special steel alloy and a fine finish,all of this allows the Alòs Industrials thermal stamper the following features:

  1. It does not lose its original shape due to high temperatures.
  2. It does not rust, and therefore it does not degrade over time.
  3. It can reach extreme temperatures.
  4. It allows maximum durability of the resistors.
  5. It facilitates maximum heat transfer from the resisitors to the stamper.
  6. It facilitates the extraction of resistors for its substitution and later fitting of the new resistors
  7. It uses the exact amount of power needed: An excess of power would cause premature rupture of the resistors With little power, you will not obtain the highest performance
  8. The arrangement of the resistors has been analysed so that the heat spreads towards the stamp and not towards the handle or gets lost into the air.
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Digital stamper vs. analogical stamper

Digital regulator
Analogical regulator (not included)
Wooden handle
Rubber handle
Integrated legs
Integrated legs
High temperature
Medium temperature
It accepts all kinds of stamps
It accepts all kinds of stamps
Alloy block
Alloy block
Double handle
Power 630 w
Strain relief cable
Anti-fall regulator
Transport case
Power 1000 w


Consumable supplies