Pallet breaker D150A


The pallet dismantler is a machine specifically designed for the dismantling of pallets using a band saw.

This type of machine can include different optional features which are shown on the list of characteristics.

It cuts the nails to separate the pallet lead boards, pieces of wood and blocks. All in record time.

It is the ideal machine for professional pallet dismantling.


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Technical details

Work area 1400mm o 1600mm (ask if interested in other formats)
Weight: 500 Kg
Type of material extractor: Conveyor belt or output tray.
Power: 2,2 kw or 3 kw
Workbench:Optional workbench, which can be pneumatic or manual
Supply voltage:230 V or 390 V
Specific lighting:Optional screen for lighting work area.
Runner dismantler: Option for dismantling closed pallet runners
Work stations: 1 or 2 operators depending on the type of pallet
Support tray: As an optional extra you can add a fixed support holder or a pneumatically adjustable support holder
Output: Depending on the operator, 40 to 60 pallets per hour

Consumable supplies