3-axis milling machine B130D


The main advantage of this model of machine is the height of its Z axis. It is considerably high and it is particularly suitable for mechanising moulds.

  • Workbench Sizes (mm): X5000 Y3000 - X2500 Y1300 - X3000 Y2000 - X1000 Y1000 - X4000 Y2000
  • Z-Axis Height (mm): Z400 - Z500 - Z600 - Z300
  • Tool changer:not included - 6 TOOLS ISO30 ER32
  • Workbench Type: T-Slott - Empty - Mixed
Milling Machine - CNC - K09D

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Technical details

Spindle: ER20-4.4 kW-18000 rpm – Air cooling system
Work stations: 1
Guidance:High-precision linear ball skid guides
Maximum forward speed 15 metres/minute
Mechanical Transmission: X and Y axis with belts and Z ball screw axis,
Maximum moving speed when empty: 15 metres/minute
Structure: Structure made of steel
Noise level without dust extraction: < 70 db (A)
Electric power supply: 380Vac-50hz
Maximum available space for the item you wish to cut: 5000 x 3000 x 1200mm.
Total power consumption: 10 kw
Dimensions: 3100 x 2100 x 1600mm.
Transmission Motors: servo motors
Weight: 5000 kg
Work surface: adhesive fixation (other options)
Software: CAM license included
Interface: computer included


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