Ferris wheel dowel cutter D130D


The carousel is made up of 8 chargers with radial dragging clamps, which permits it to hold any measurement whether square, round or rectangular in place. As well as a rapid change of measurements in height and width.

Possibility to return to the first measurement cut if necessary for a perfect framing.

Automatic discharge for the last piece cut via a different outlet to the block.

Transport: It has a shackle in the centre of the carousel that allows it to be moved with an overhead crane, as well as simple transportion with a manual transpallet or a forklift truck.


Technical details

Carousel diametre: 1200 mm
Width of available cutting distance: 50 – 150 mm
Cicular diametre: 450 mm
Height of cut block: 50 – 200 mm
Total height: 1.8 metres
Production: 3500 blocks per h
Total length: 2.2 mm
Circular engine: 7.5 kw
Conveyor belt Width: 300 mm
Saw speed: 3000 rpm
Approximate weight: 800 kg
Gear motor carousel propulsion: 0.75 Kw
Gear motor conveyor belt: 0.33 Kw
Suction hood diametre: 100 mm
Gear motor conveyor belt: 0.33 Kw