Hot Wire Cutter K18D


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The hot wire cutter K18Dis especially recommended for those who are planning to start mass production of architecture and decorating elements.It can work with up to 10 wires that cut identical shapes simultaneously, reducing the required amount of time to produce big amounts of identical shapes significantly.oduce big amounts of identical shapes significantly. The maximum number of cutting wires is 10, but depending on the project, the operator can choose to use 1, 2, 3, etc.

Working area (mm): Z1300 X1200 - Z1300 X2440 - Z1300 X3050 - Z1500 X1200 - Z1500 X2440 - Z1500 X3050 - Z2500 X1200 - Z2500 X2440 - Z2500 X3050 - Z3000 X1200 - Z3000 X2440 - Z3000 X305

Hot Wire Cutter K18D
  • High production, minimum maintenance
  • Easy assembling
  • Latest technology in design and manufacture

Available options

Ready for assembling and operation Easy assembling

This type of machine is available with a combination of the different available dimensions of width and length of the machine. The width of the machine (Z axis) is the same as the length of the wire and it is available in the following sizes:

  • 60 cm
  • 130 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 250 cm
  • 300 cm

The length of the machine is available in the following dimensions:

Large (axis X)
122 cm
244 cm
305 cm

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Made in Spain - Alòs Industrials

Technical details

Ready for assembling and operation Easy assembling

Power consumption More than 500 W (depending on the cutting configuration)
Number of wires: 10
Structure: Modular with aluminium profiles
Type of wire NiCr (titanium alignment wire optional)
Accessibility: Total accessibility from all four sides
Wire diametre: 0,25 mm para Z1300 y Z1500 – 0,45 mm para Z2500 y 0,55 mm para Z3000
Power consumption: 220 – 230 Vac, 50 o 60 Hz
Wire movement Step by step motors, belt driven by ball bearings.
Environmental conditions 0-40ºC, 95% humidity
Wire tightening Spring, electric or pneumatic
Interface Computer with USB port (not included, please contact us)
Maximum cutting speed: máxima de corte: 1 m/min
Required operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Precision: +-0,5mm/m
Software: iXshaper, included
Resolution +-0,01 mm
Design Software Any software that admits files in HPGL.plt, EPS/AI or dxf format (not included, please contact us)
Repeatability: +-0,01 mm
Work stations: 1


Our own manufacturing - Alòs Industrials

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Manufacturing - Specialised technical support


Manufacturing - Specialised technical support

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